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While Fast Lane Drive is a hobby for our members and we love to have fun, we must do so responsibly. For this reason, we believe it is of the utmost importance to give back to our local community with monetary and volunteerism efforts alike. Our main method of giving back is by raising funds at our drives and events to ultimately donate to an organization that aligns with our club’s goals.

Some Charities We've Worked With

SDPD Foundation

The SDPD Foundation supports the community through various efforts that assist in improving community and police relations. Fast Lane Drive used its resources to help raise over $3,000 to benefit their foundation.

MOST Foundation

Mercy Outreach Surgical Team (MOST) is a foundation created to help adults and children with limited access to quality healthcare. Fast Lane Drive promoted a charity event that raised over $3,000 for their cause.

Rady's Children's Hospital Foundation

The Rady’s Children Hospital Foundation is the direct resource for San Diego’s Rady’s Children Hospital. Through our efforts, Fast Lane Drive was able to raise and donate over $4,000 for their foundation.